Sport R Cool fundraiser


The SRC are having a fundraiser to raise money for an outdoor clock
It will be on the last day of term 3 and will be a sports dress up. There will be three activity slow mode relay, a Cotten ball toss and a obstical coarse. It will be a gold coin donation so if you want to dress up bring a gold coin.




SRC Report Term 1

 SRC Term 1 Report 2014

 We have all been very busy this term in the SRC but we have all had as much fun as possible whilst doing it. This term we have spent lots of our time on our vision statement. Our vision statement is a piece of writing that involves who we are what we do and how we plan to do it. We have done many activity’s on our vision and gone through every word to make sure we all understand. Our vision statement as you can probably tell is very important so we are very happy to have a very clear understanding in our heads. Next term we hope to have many fundraisers for our school and we plan to finish our quiet garden area at the front of the school. We are very happy with the work we have achieved in SRC and plan to do the same in the following terms.