Welcome to SRC 2018!

Welcome to the official site for MPPS’s Student Representative Council. Throughout the year we will be posting on this blog about what we’re doing, what we have planned and what is coming up. In SRC we want to do is improve the school to make it a better learning environment.

We have five committees. There is the blog committee who look after the SRC blog, the noticeboard who look after the noticeboard in the office area, there is the fundraising committee who do fundraising for MPPS, the club committee who run clubs at lunch in Term 4 and school improvements who look after making improvements around the school.

We hope you enjoy the SRC blog and can keep up to date on SRC at MPPS.

SRC Members 2017

Here is a list of the SRC member at MPPS for 2017.


Oliver Blakely

Isabella Ferraro


Jamie Rawther

Audrey Cutler


Atticus Di Florio-Pulis

Gracie Senior


Isla Vitale

Zachary Megalla


Adam Murton

Declan Myers-Stewart


Anika Raval

Finn Musgrave


Liam Davis

Dalia Martinez/Scidone


Sophie Stewart

Toby Griggs


Lucinda Gilbert

Alexander Jurovski


Flynn Alphey

Charli Babatsikos


Rowan Frances

Alexia Kyriakou


Finn Darlington

Brynn Valentine

School Captains

Charlie Rolf

Chiara Aldridge

Welcome to SRC 2017

Welcome to SRC 2017! This blog is the official site for MPPS’s Student Representative Council. Throughout the year we will be posting on this blog about what we’re doing and what we have planned. So far this year we have had 1 fundraiser. It was Live 4 Lily and it raised money and awareness for children with cancer. So far in SRC we have separated into our committees which are blog, fundraising, school improvements, notice board and clubs. Our next fundraiser will be held next term and is hasn’t yet been decided on. Make sure you keep up to date with this blog to be informed on what’s happening in SRC.

welcome to SRC 2016

This year SRC are focusing on improving our school. Bella, Charlotte, Giorgio, Lilly and Erika are going to keep you updated with the blog. These are the people who are going to help improve the school.

IMG_7537                                                                                Liv 1/2A

IMG_7546                                                                                Tommy 1/2A


Thomas 1/2B

IMG_7526                                                                                Sienna 1/2B

IMG_7533                                                                                Bella 1/2C

IMG_7548                                                                                Charlotte 1/2C

IMG_7538                                                                                Erika 1/2D

IMG_7542                                                                                Brooklyn 1/2D

IMG_7535                                                                                Tilly 1/2E

IMG_7521                                                                                Sascha 1/2E

IMG_7541                                                                                Jennifer 1/2F

IMG_7534                                                                                Giorgio 1/2F

IMG_7528                                                                                Declan 3/4A

IMG_7545                                                                                Alexia 3/4A

IMG_7525                                                                                Eloise 3/4B

IMG_7524                                                                                Amelia 3/4B

IMG_7544                                                                                Sean 3/4C

IMG_7531                                                                                       Elio 3/4C

IMG_7527                                                                                      Finn 5/6A


Zara 5/6A


Oliver 5/6B


Lilly 5/6B


Kara 5/6C


Jarred 5/6C


Flynn – School Captain


Alexis – School Captain

SRC – 2015 Representatives

School Captain - Melina and Oliver

School Captain – Melina


School Captain - Oliver

School Captain – Oliver

1/2 A - Sanja

1/2 A – Sanja

1/2 A - Adelaide

1/2 A – Adelaide

1/2 B - Dalia

1/2 B – Dalia

1/2 B - Joel

1/2 B – Joel


1/2 C - Mia

1/2 C – Mia

1/2 C - Edison

1/2 C – Edison

1/2 D - Tilly

1/2 D – Tilly

1/2 D - Amelia

1/2 D – Amelia

1/2 E - Hamish

1/2 E – Hamish

1/2 E - Tom

1/2 E – Tom

3/4 A - Amy

3/4 A – Amy

3/4  A - Abraham

3/4 A – Abraham

3/4 B -Ebony

3/4 B -Ebony

3/4 B - Finn

3/4 B – Finn

3/4 C - Rufus

3/4 C – Rufus

3/4 C - Pippa

3/4 C – Pippa

5/6 A - Jordan

5/6 A – Jordan

5/6 A - Takee

5/6 A – Takee

5/6 B - Esther

5/6 B – Esther

5/6 B - Anatolia

5/6 B – Anatolia

5/6 C - Yasmin

5/6 C – Yasmin

5/6 C - Zara

5/6 C – Zara



Sport R Cool fundraiser


The SRC are having a fundraiser to raise money for an outdoor clock
It will be on the last day of term 3 and will be a sports dress up. There will be three activity slow mode relay, a Cotten ball toss and a obstical coarse. It will be a gold coin donation so if you want to dress up bring a gold coin.




SRC Report Term 1

 SRC Term 1 Report 2014

 We have all been very busy this term in the SRC but we have all had as much fun as possible whilst doing it. This term we have spent lots of our time on our vision statement. Our vision statement is a piece of writing that involves who we are what we do and how we plan to do it. We have done many activity’s on our vision and gone through every word to make sure we all understand. Our vision statement as you can probably tell is very important so we are very happy to have a very clear understanding in our heads. Next term we hope to have many fundraisers for our school and we plan to finish our quiet garden area at the front of the school. We are very happy with the work we have achieved in SRC and plan to do the same in the following terms.