4. What we are doing – SRC Reports

1 of our School Captains Amelia made a speech all about what the S.R.C are doing and any up coming things and told this to the School Council. We would love you to read the speech and if you would like you can even listen to her read the speech!

We would love you to listen:

School Council Speech Term 3


And here is the speech she read out:


School Council Speech


Hello, I am 1 of your school captains and on behalf of the S.R.C we are here to talk to you about how the S.R.C are going and what has been done and what we are planning to do.


As you may already know our clubs are on and we are coming up to our 6th week. Just a refresher the 1/2 and prep club is Movie Club, 3/4 Computer Animation Club and 5/6 Table Tennis Club. These 3 clubs have all been going great and we have had a great time running them. On the week after the clubs have finished we are planning to show all the movies kids made in Computer Animation Club and we may have a Table Tennis Finale at assembly. We have got suggestions from students and are taking them on board.


Another thing the S.R.C are doing are 2 fundraisers. One on the last day of term and one next term. The fundraiser this term will be a sport dress up day and the money we raise will go to Lauren who is a international acrobatic that would like to fly to Belgium and has kindly asked us to support her. She will be performing to us what she will be doing there with her partner Tori. Because the competition is next year she will come back to the school and tell everyone how she went. On the day when we do the sport dress up day we are thinking about having a parade and some activities and more which we will tell you as soon as we have organized it.


Thank you for listening and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Every week after we complete our meeting, the SRC reps will write up a report. This will include what we did in the meeting and any further ideas that we had. On this page you can see our meeting reports. All reports will be on this blog, in the newsletter and on our S.R.C notice board.


Report 17-7-13

Today we had to do a lot so we got straight into it. As we are having clubs we will not be having any S.R.C meetings. Only sometimes like before events.

Mostly we needed to get the fundraiser sorted and we had to have a look at the Survey Monkey to see what we were going to do. Not many people have voted so we please ask if you go on this link it will take you to the page.


Your reps will tell you more in class. The clubs were also finalized and they are ready to go on Friday the 26th. Just a reminder the 1/2 Movie club is in the Library. The 3/4 Computer/Animation club is in Antony’s room and the 5/6 Table Tennis club is in the Multipurpose room.

Term 2 Report

This term the SRC have been quietly busy. We have met each week to create our logo, make our blog, create a survey about fundraisers and organise clubs for term 3. Your reps will have talked to you about the clubs and all spots are taken- THANK YOU! These clubs will start in the second week of next term.

Please check out our blog if you haven’t had a chance- it should be linked to your class blog, and it tells you all about what we are doing. There’s a link on there to the survey we would like you to fill out. We want to know what things you want us to raise money for. There are only 3 questions and it should only take a couple of minutes to complete. Then we will be able to start our planning for fundraisers in term 3 and 4.


From your SRC

SRC meeting – 5th June, 2013

We had a very green start to our meeting this week as it was national environmental day and most people were wearing green clothing. When the meeting started Ant had a little surprise for us and we spent the first five minutes buying yummy goodies at the green sweets store at lunch. It was even better because we were given special permission to go to the front of the line where we were served before everyone else.


When we had all finished eating our sweets we did the roll and picked the leaders and minute takers for next week. Soon after that was sorted Charlotte showed us how to make the old SRC logo on Microsoft Word and what it looked like. All of the reps agreed that we liked the design of the old logo and the only thing that we needed to change was ‘Central school’ to ‘Primary school’. Next week Charlotte will have our new SRC logo ready on a word document.


The final thing that we did on the agenda was to split into our club groups and discuss what we need to do next in order for them to be up and running. We all had a deep brainstorm on any questions that we need to answer and shared any ideas that we had. By the end of the session the Table Tennis Club had completed the rulebook and the rotations, the Computer Animation Club were in the process of completing the sample movie and the Movie Club had finished organizing everything required. After that we shared what we had achieved and then closed the meeting.


Julian Lekakis


22nd May 2013

Firstly once every one came to the S.R.C meeting we welcomed Joanne because she was going to observe the meeting. We got an update from her about the badges and an update from the School Captains about their meeting with Matt and Joanne.  The leaders told the S.R.C that the Survey Monkey will be off for a while because of some technical issues. Next we talked about the Notice board and blog and what has been added. Next we talked about the clubs. There will be 3 clubs for 3 different age groups. The club for 1/2 and preps is a Movie Club. 3/4 will be having a computer club and the 5/6 will be having a table tennis club. We got the S.R.Cs to tell what club they would like to help in and we told each other what things we need to think about and where we are going to do it. We organized next weeks meeting and collected our class’ Fun Run prizes. Then we headed off.


Firstly all the reps ate their lolly pops while the leaders had tech issue’s. Although that was not the best start to the meeting we still had a bit to get through. After the tech issues were solved we took the roll and got the leaders and minutes takers ready for next week. Shortly after we had a look  at the blog which has been completed and we are just about ready to get every one voting on survey monkey. Also the S.R.C members had homework to write a comment on the blog.


Once that was completed we talked about club options. We may have clubs but we also may not because of the amount of stuff we have on. We listed all the ideas and broke it down into a few about what ones we can do and what we can not do. We also based it around different age groups like 5\6, 3\4 and 1\2 and preps. Students came up with great ideas. Time went fast and the meeting was over.

10th May 2013

This week the SRC had a look  at the blog which has been completed. The link will soon be on all your class blogs. It will be a great way for us to communicate with you so please leave us a comment! Our homework was to put a comment on before our next meeting.  Next we had a look at our Survey Monkey. The Survey Monkey site will ask all members of our school community to vote on what we should raise funds for, what activities we could have and what clubs we might run. Hopefully this site will be up and running by next week so you can give us your ideas- Your SRC rep will be giving you this address really soon, and perhaps your class could do it all together with help from your teacher. The address will also be published in the newsletter and on our blog.

Once that was completed we talked about club options. We are still not sure if we will be able to run clubs, but we thought we should start thinking about it anyway. We listed all the ideas and broke it down into a few about what ones we can do and what we can not do. We also based it around different age groups like 5\6, 3\4 and 1\2 and preps. Our reps came up with great ideas and we hope you like them.


24th April, 2013

In this weeks S.R.C meeting instead of having icy poles we got lolly pops and that set everyone in a good mood and we were all ready to do some hard work thinking.

Firstly what we did was we discussed our homework that everyone had to complete during the week.  What we had to do was think of 2 charity’s that we could donate for such as Cancer, Endangered animals and many more great ideas. Our next bit of homework that we had to complete  were thinking of 2 events that we could get the money from such as a sport day or a dress up day and heaps more. Some people had come up with some ideas that we could use the money for and we wrote them all up on the board.

After we shared all our ideas we looked at the survey monkey. As some people already know that S.R.C will be using survey monkey to help us decide what fundraising we will do and we need your help to decide. Jack gave us an update of how it is going. Shortly after we had a look at the blog. We all shared what we think the blog should have and what features it has. Here is the blog link: http://mppssrc.global2.vic.edu.au/ We would love it if you had a look.

Once that was completed we raped the meeting up by asking if anyone had anything to add or share. Some people asked questions and comments. It was a fantastic meeting and please look at the blog or soon you may be able to have your vote on survey monkey!



19th April, 2013

We’ve had a busy start to term two on the SRC. Firstly we elected the new meeting leader, minute taker and report writer for next weeks meeting and then we got down to business. This weeks meeting focused on planning for term 2. First of all we discussed ideas for the SRC blog. These ideas included a profile of the SRC members, a comments page for students to respond to and a page for SRC members to discuss their experiences on the SRC. Another great idea was to include a virtual ‘suggestion box’.

We then discussed about the two fundraisers that we are going to hold this year and brainstormed a long list of possibilities. Next meeting reps are each going to bring two ideas for a fundraiser for an outside charity/organization and two ideas for fun fundraiser activities. Next week Jack will put these ideas on ‘Survey Monkey’ so everyone can help decide on the final choices.

The final item on this week’s agenda was to have a quick look at our year planner to see what we have achieved so far this year.

Julian Lekakis

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