1. What do we do?

In SRC we have four different committees

At the start of the year during our first SRC meeting, we we all had lots of questions about the SRC and what it meant to be a representative. Some of the queries and Ant’s answers are listed below.

What does the SRC do?

1. Do we all organise events?


2. When will we organise things?

Throughout the year – as we need to – continually

3. Will we do fun activities?

It depends on what you call fun.Organising and making things happen, yes….games, not very often.

4. Do we do lots of writing?

Yes, but buddies will help the younger representatives.

5. Do we make speeches at assembly?

Yes. A different representative will present a report at assembly each fortnight.

6. Are the SRC representatives the only people helping the school community?

No. The green team, house captains and school captains are also working to help the school.

7. How often are meetings?

Once a week on Wednesdays at lunchtime.

8. Will there be more than one meeting per week?

Maybe, if we have a lot to do but generally once a week. School captains will also have one extra meeting per week.

9. What do we usually do at SRC meetings?

There will be agenda each week which is a list of things that need to be discussed. At the start of the meeting we will select meeting

leaders and minute takers for the following week and then get down to the business on the agenda.

10. Do the 5/6’s bring their notebooks to meetings?

Yes, to jot down any important information or tasks.

11.What do we do if we are away?

The other reps will tell you what happened.(Another reason to use books/notebooks)

12. Will we be having an SRC suggestion box?

Yes. There is a suggestion box page on this blog where you can comment and post any suggestions you have.

13. Will we have SRC representative badges?


14. Will we organise any fundraisers?

Yes, we will be organising two fundraisers this year.



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