2. When will we do it?

As you may know, the S.R.C reps have a meeting every week to discuss matters such as fundraisers, student suggestions and more. At every meeting we will have a minutes taker and a leader. The minutes taker will type up decisions that have been made and ideas for further investigation or discussion. The leader will chair the meeting.

The S.R.C has made a timetable of events to help us in our planning. We will add more to the timetable as the year progresses.

Below is the timetable of events that has been organised so far.





Term 1 


 Assemble SRC Reps for first meeting.  Completed 
Complete the SRC Vision Statement.   Completed
Term 2 


Establish SRC noticeboard.  Completed
Develop SRC blog.   Completed
Plan fundraising events for later in the year.   In progress
Term 3 


 Start clubs
Term 4 


Plan for next year

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